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Tips for Making a Gluten Free Diet More Manageable

When learning to handle a diet without gluten, you hear a lot about what foods you can or can not eat. As you progress into this lifestyle, however, you’ll find this is far from the only information you needed. In fact, many wish they received more tips on managing their gluten free diet when they first found out they needed to follow one.

For example, what about when there is nothing for you to eat? What about those times when you’re in a rush and don’t have time to cook? What about when you simply don’t have a lot of money but all those gluten-free foods cost so much? Continue reading to find tips which will help you handle these situations and many more.

·    If you plan on going out to eat with friends or family, call ahead or check their website to see if there are gluten free options available. Almost all restaurants have something available and checking ahead will save time and frustration.

·    Keep a variety of grabbable snacks on hand for when you’re in a rush. Good examples that are also affordable include individual packages of nuts, gummy snacks, bananas, apples, portable yogurts or apple sauces, and grapes (bag them into individual servings ahead of time).

·    To avoid cross contamination, never be shy about mentioning your allergy or intolerance when eating out. You aren’t being an inconvenience but staying safe, so don’t ever feel that way.

·    Cook gluten free meals in bulk and store them in the freezer for later. This works well for stir-fries, stews, and soups. This saves a lot of money, as free-made foods tend to be expensive.

·    Always check labels, no matter what. Some items contain “hidden gluten” you wouldn’t know about unless told. For example, soy sauce contains a lot of gluten, and certain yogurt varieties have added flavors which aren’t gluten-free.

·    Check the local paper and online sources for coupons on your favorite gluten free food items. Sometimes you can manage to purchase gluten-free alternatives for half their normal cost or less. If you do manage to find a great deal, stock up.

·    Have a child that’s living gluten free but afraid they may accidentally be subject to something they can’t have? Have an allergy alert bracelet made for them and ensure all caregivers (including schools) are aware of their dietary restrictions.

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·    Check for local groups of Celiac sufferers or individuals with gluten intolerances. These can provide great support, and make you feel not so alone!