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Esports Will Receive Major Coverage Soon

I have recently found a new hobby, and it is something that I never really thought I would find so interesting.  The hobby is watching competitive gaming.  I never really thought that I would find it fun to watch other people play video games, but when I finally gave it a shot, I realized that it was something that can be very entertaining.  Esports come with the competition and excitement that you might find in any other type of sport, with the only difference being that people are competing with video games rather than with their physical bodies.  Being able to watch some of the best gamers around go at each other in a competition is something that really has begun to become more popular recently, and I can completely understand why.  These people work hard in order to perfect their craft, and it all pays off when they enter their competitions.

I recently found the website, which is an excellent site that gives me all of the news and notes that I need when it comes to esports.  There is always a lot going on in the competitive gaming world, and these guys do an excellent job of providing this sport with the coverage it deserves.  While esports still generally are not covered by the major sports networks, it is rising in popularity to a point in which it might become impossible for the rest of the world to ignore it.  There really is a lot of entertainment value that comes with watching these guys compete, and I am hoping that one day we will be able to watch esports competitions on national television.  In the meantime, the internet is an excellent tool when it comes to learning everything that you need to know about esports.

Some might claim that, because there is little physical activity involved, esports are not really sports.  However, we have seen professional poker get coverage from major sports networks over the last decade or so, and that does not require any physical activity, either.  I think it is only a matter of time before esports become so popular that the major sports networks will have to start covering all of their events.